Astarte in Colombia

Grant Recipient:

Profamilia has been providing reproductive health and other services to the Colombian population for over 30 years.

Setting Snapshot:

Since the mid-1960s, there has been civil strife in Colombia, especially between the FARC and the Colombian government. This ongoing violence has displaced an estimated 4-5 million people. Human rights violations and threats of violence have made accessing services hard for internally displaced people (IDP).


Profamilia planned to focus on sexual and reproductive health for people displaced by violence in Colombia. Since the organization had not worked with IDPs before, Profamilia applied for a one-year Astarte grant to institutionalize this focus.

After the Grant:

The Astarte small grant helped introduce reproductive health services for IDPs in Profamilia's existing programs and enabled the organization to reach this underserved population through targeted efforts. Profamilia credits the grant with helping the organization learn how to provide reproductive health services to IDPs. Since then, Profamilia has secured nearly $3.5 million in funding from other donors to expand this work that began with a small grant from Astarte. Profamilia's work in monitoring and evaluation and adolescent-friendly services for IDPs has been a great success.


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