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Forums code of conduct

Before posting
Choose the most appropriate forum to post in

Any posts deemed to be in the wrong forum will be moved. As Moodle does not yet include functionality for informing posters when a thread is moved, if you think your post might have been moved, please try a Google search of to locate it.

Post your question in one forum only

Posting the same question in multiple forums is of no benefit. It only fragments the support you receive and makes it more difficult for other users to find the correct information in the future when they do a search.

If you really feel your topic falls in two forums (e.g. a major development in the Quiz module that may impact other parts of Moodle), pick the most specific (e.g. Quiz forum) and post a small pointer to the other discussion in the second forum (e.g. General developer forum).

Choose an informative subject line

Subject lines are like advertisements. You want helpful Moodlers with solutions to your specific problem to find and read more about your issue. Instead of using a subject line like "Urgent help needed!!!" use a subject line which is specific, such as, "Restore stops with error message 'xyz'".

Present facts and background in your post
  • Provide as much relevant background information as you can, including the version of Moodle you are using.
  • If your question relates to a page on your site which is publicly available, you may post a link to it; however please note that out-of-context links (such as in a signature) will be removed.

For further advice on how to ensure your question is answered, see forums help.

Respect others

Show respect and consideration to others at all times, including respecting the decisions of forum moderators and course facilitators. Any flaming or personal attacks will be deleted.

Provide feedback for others
  • Rate forum posts as useful to help others that may encounter the same problem and also encourage posters of helpful replies
  • Once your problem is solved, reply to the thread, adding [Solved] to the subject line of your post and providing links to the documentation, discussion or tracker issue that helped you.


Describing commercial affiliations in profiles is welcome

All participants are welcome (as part of their self-disclosure to the community) to write about and even link to their company and other commercial affiliations as part of their description in their user profile. It helps us all understand who we are speaking with.

Mentioning commercial products and services in discussions is OK

All participants are welcome to write about and link to commercial products or services (Moodle-related or not, yours or otherwise) if it's in the natural context of a discussion such as an answer to a question. This is not seen as advertising.

Unsolicited advertisements / spam will be deleted

No-one should post unsolicited and blatant advertisements for products and services with no appropriate context. Moderators will delete any such blog entries, forum discussions, docs or other unwanted content when they find it. This applies to Moodle services just as much as it applies to diet pills and stock tips. Signatures in forum posts will also be deleted as they cause clutter and distract from the information and help provided.

Official advertising is designed to support the Moodle project

Moodle Pty Ltd (which is responsible for the core development of Moodle) permits four types of official advertising to takes place on Moodle community sites:

  • Moodle Partners have banner advertisements on most pages that are targeted to users based on their country location. This privilege is one of the benefits Moodle Partners get for paying royalties to Moodle Pty Ltd.
  • The Moodle Shop is promoted as a place to buy Moodle merchandise (clothing, mugs etc). A percentage of all sales goes to Moodle Pty Ltd.
  • Books written by members of the Moodle community are promoted in the Moodle books database. A percentage of all sales goes to Moodle Pty Ltd.
  • Companies and individuals who donate money directly to Moodle Pty Ltd earn the right to be listed on the Moodle donations page for a year.
Jobs offered

Moodle-related jobs offered may be advertised in the Moodle jobs database only - not in the forums.

Moodle Partner discussions

Moodle Partners are Certified Service Providers worldwide that can help you with your Moodle implementation. Partners contribute 10% of their earnings to support the development and maintenance of the Moodle project, so by using a certified Moodle Partner, you are helping improve the very Moodle software that you use.

Moodle Partners are not above scrutiny, of course, and is an open forum where we encourage discussion and any activity that supports the Moodle ecosystem. However, like any public forum we need to balance that freedom against posts that can be unreasonably hurtful to participants.

To that end we have developed this policy for posts that discuss experiences and quality of Moodle Partner services in the forums. Posts which violate this policy may be edited, moved to a closed discussions forum or deleted at the discretion of our forum moderators.

If you have a problem
  1. Do everything you can to solve the problems by working with your Moodle Partner first through their own channels.
  2. If this process is not working out, please contact Moodle Pty Ltd and they will do their best to help.
  3. If you still feel your issues are unresolved feel free to talk to the community via our forums.
  • Discussion tone should be kept polite and focussed on facts.
  • Our public forums must not be used for defamation or flaming.
  • Don't forget to talk about good experiences as well as the bad!
Your identity

Fake identities created on for the purpose of criticism will not be tolerated, and those accounts may be closed.

Site policy violations

If you come across any spam, unsolicited adverts or any other content that you feel is inappropriate, please use the 'Report to moderator' link. To report spam sent via Moodle messaging, spam on any other Moodle community site, or any other site policy issue, contact us via the contact form.

Posts which violate our site policy may be edited, moved to a closed discussions forum or deleted at the discretion of moderators. Spammers or anyone else who persists in violating our code of conduct will have their account blocked.


Whilst moderators and course facilitators will attempt to remove or edit any generally objectionable material as quickly as possible, it is impossible to review every post. All posts made on this site express the views and opinions of the author and not the moderators or course facilitators (except for posts by these people) and they cannot be held liable.