Showcase Shorts: Your update on the latest Moodle Developments! Time to kick off the year!

Showcase Shorts: Your update on the latest Moodle Developments! Time to kick off the year!

by Marie Achour -
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Hello Moodlers,

Welcome to this edition of ‘Showcase Shorts’ and happy New Year to you all!

Like many of you, our teams took some time over the last few weeks to celebrate the festive season with their friends and family, but somehow still managed to smash out a ton of work!

We made great progress on delivering our Moodle Product Vision, which focuses on empowering you for life and delivering improvements designed to help you unlock your creativity, help facilitate collaboration and optimise your business & learning outcomes.

We are excited to share a few highlights of our recent efforts with you!

Custom Domains are coming to MoodleCloud

We are happy to announce that Custom Domains are coming to MoodleCloud. Providing our MoodleCloud Plan users with the opportunity to use their own domain name, this is one of our most highly voted new feature requests and we are thrilled to say that it’s almost here. 


Another Plugin will be available in Moodle Mobile Apps

In a wonderful example of collaboration with our Moodle Community, the ‘mod_checklist’ plugin will soon be supported in our Mobile Applications. This will mean that all the plugins available to our MoodleCloud Plan users will also be available in our app for the first time, rounding out the proposition for those users. 

Course creation is getting simpler 

We’ve been thinking about how we can make creating course content in Moodle easier and help our users get creative. We started some deep dive research in this space to help us better understand how educators and learning designers create courses, what they need from the process and how we can make it better for them. 

We’ve also been working hard on improving how courses can be structured in Moodle to make them easier to navigate and provide more options for how content can be presented. 

Our most commonly used functions are getting better

Our activity icons and one of the most used functionalities in Moodle, the Activity Chooser, are getting a face lift. These changes are designed to help educators more quickly pick the right activities to include in their courses and make it easier for students to identify what they are working on easily. 

We are also improving the functionality provided in our ‘Browse User List’ page to make managing users faster and simpler. These updates will be incredibly helpful to Moodle Administrators who use this functionality day in and day out.

And, we continue our journey to enhance the functionality provided by our Plugin Directory, making it easier to search, find and select the right plugin for your Moodle implementations.

More opportunities to learn Moodle are here

We’ve launched a brand new ‘Moodle for Learners’ Course on Moodle Academy, with functionality built in allowing the customisation of the course content for your own Moodle implementation. We’ve also got a bunch of new Webinars coming and are getting ready to launch our new Moodle Developer course soon too.

That’s it for this edition of our ‘Showcase Shorts’, we hope you’ve enjoyed the updates.

Until Next Sprint!

The Moodle Products Team